Join The Alchemist Adventure!!!

Free Biz Alchemy Journey & Marketing Planning Event

Hosted by:  Sheri Moise - Intuitive Business Alchemist

1 part Adventure, 1 part Biz Marketing Workshop

Welcome, Alchemist!

Before we go too far let's define Alchemist:

Alchemist:  Someone who transforms things for the better. 

(That's YOU)

Too many spiritual entrepreneurs are being given the WRONG FORMULA for alchemizing their business.

They are being led astray and taken down a path that promises results (more clients, more money, more freedom)

When in reality the magic formula they thought they had been given is actually a DANGEROUS potion.  One that leads to:

  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Burnout

Join a magical group of heart centered Alchemists for this powerful journey to tap into and leverage 

YOUR unique formula.

June 15th-21st

The Adventure takes place in 3 phases:



Each day for 3 days you will receive an inquiry delivered directly to your inbox. It will guide you in investigating the pieces you will need to alchemize your own formula.  To access the “gold” that exists in you and your business.

There will be opportunities along the way to be awarded for your exploration.  Each day you complete the inquiry and share your theory within 24 hours you will be entered to win a scholarship to the Alchemists Lab. 

You will have up to 4 chances to win!

P.S.  It is a simple Jotform to upload what you have uncovered.


Inspiration & Integration

Inspiration, the alchemy by which an idea makes it from the mind to the page.

With data in hand, you will receive guidance to process what you have uncovered and look for any other important pieces that might be needed to fully integrate this knowledge and be ready for the next phase of the journey. 



Information is only as valuable as the ability to implement it.  One of the most powerful days of the year is upon us and dear Alchemist - the Solstice.

We will meet together on the Solstice and I will guide you through a step-by-step process to map out your marketing roadmap for the rest of the calendar year – leveraging your unique formula and the gold that is in you and your business.

Join the Adventure!

The world needs you Dear Alchemist - your Soul Clients need you.

I invite you to embark with me on this adventure to tap into the gold that exists in YOU and your business.  YOUR unique magic that will create more impact and more connection with soul clients.

And create a plan to set it in motion.

I look forward to guiding you on this adventure and seeing all that you uncover!

The Alchemist Adventure is free, fun, and...

You will leverage the marketing and planning process that is best aligned to YOU.  You will pull out the gold (aka magic) that ONLY YOU have and YOUR soul clients desire.

You’ll walk away with a plan to implement this into your business more fully and create a marketing roadmap that leans into YOUR unique magic.

And you could even acquire some magical PRIZES!

Is this for me?

Alchemists who have had some experience and time in their business and who are already marketing their services will be in their element here… especially if you love to learn and are open to seeing the possibilities in your business.

Alchemists who are just getting started will definitely gain valuable knowledge and inspiration however the implementation phase may not be as actionable right away. You will certainly walk away with a formula to short cut to the gold in your business.

Event Info:




June 15-21st


Complete each day’s inquiry when it is convenient for you.

But plan to join me and the other Alchemist’s

LIVE on June 21st at


We begin June 15th grab your spot here!