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AstroBiz Connection Membership 

Get the guidance and support you need to GROW your business!

This unique membership is inspired by the Cosmos and grounded in SOLID BUSINESS STRATEGY.  Supporting you to move your business forward while honoring YOUR UNIQUE wiring and design.

You'll have more confidence and clarity

With so many "ways" to grow your business it's easy to get overwhelmed... I can help

Early on in my business I let myself be blindly guided by the "experts".  The folks that I believed had the answers and success that I desired.

But the strategies that they taught not only weren't feeling aligned, they weren't helping me to grow my business.  I was just overwhelmed.

I realized that I had guidance that worked for me.  

But I was ignoring it.  Until I couldn't any more.  Now I do business MY WAY - honoring myself as my own expert.

What I KNOW is that there is not just ONE WAY to build and grow there is only YOUR WAY.  But how do you know what your way is?

Use the two best guidance systems available!  Your HEARTMIND, and the COSMOS mapped out in astrology.  

The AstroBiz Connection Membership brings both of these GPS systems together, ensuring that you are doing your business YOUR WAY - and getting amazing results for you and your clients.

Amazing feedback

"Working with Sheri and her "AstroBiz Method" has really helped me become more clear on what my unique approach to sharing my gifts with the world looks like!  The excellent mixture of external, Astrological information, with my now enhanced knowingness of internal truth, has been incredibly validating and supportive both personally and professionally

Patricia Marie Hūband

Here's what you'll get

I've designed this membership to give you insight, inspiration, support, and guidance so that you can grow your business with confidence and clarity.  

Cycle after cycle, season after season, year after year!

Live AstroBiz Q&A +
Intuitive Support

✦  Each cycle between the New & Full Moon when the energy is of ACTION is strong, we will look at what is forming with this cycle and discuss the energy and how to use it to support you and your clients. 

✦  We will meet LIVE and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and tap into my intuitive abilities to get the clarity you need!

Live AstroBiz Workshop Each Cycle

✦  Each cycle between the Full Moon and the next New Moon when the energy is winding down, we will meet LIVE to cover an Astrology aspect that will support YOU and your business in the future.  

 ✦  We will also review this cycle's powerful theme that you can use to guide your content creation and support your clients.

AstroBiz Energy Report

✦  The need to know NOW information on any transits or Astro events that are in this cycle as well as upcoming (outside of the current cycle)

✦  Know what's coming "in the stars" BEFORE it occurs so you can manage your energy and make informed decisions for yourself and your business.

✦ Overview of this month's theme with recommended content topics.   

New Moon Activation

✦   At the beginning of each cycle we will use the New Moon energy to take a pause, name and claim your deepest desires, reset your intentions, and reconnect with how you want to Feel – Be – Experience your life and business.   

✦   You will receive a guided activation journey recording to assist you in setting powerful intentions for the cycle.

  ✦  Journal prompts provided to assist with the exploration. 

Full Moon Activation

✦   As the Full Moon perfects, we will use this opportunity to shine a light on what might need to be released or revisited.  

   ✦   You will receive an activation meditation to assist in guiding you and uncovering what does not serve and reset your intentions for the balance of the cycle.

  ✦  Journal prompts will be provided to assist with the exploration

Powerful - practical - Actionable guidance

Have you ever come across these roadblocks that seem to hold you back?

It seems like there is an overwhelming number of things to do and you are spending more time in the doing than doing what you love - helping clients.
The days just keep going and time seems to disappear.  Goals and intentions get forgotten and you feel like something is missing in what "should" be a fun and rewarding process.
Moving your business forward is all about being in alignment.  The right tools, methods, and processes need to be aligned with your unique wiring and design. Getting aligned and staying true to YOU is what AstroBiz Connection is all about!

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You can be unstoppable too

"Sheri's support with tapping into both my inner knowing and astrology has been a game changer for me.  It has helped me to curate my flow and kept me out of trial and error."

Layne Eliese Mills

My most asked questions...

I don't know much (or anything) about astrology will this still work for me?

YES absolutely!  We use astrology as a lens to support taking those pause, asking questions and getting curious so we can move our business and life forward in an aligned way.  We will not be deep diving into astrology concepts just using it for inspiration and guidance.  Everything we discuss astrologically will be kept simple.

Can you clarify the investment?

Join today and guarantee your of $97 per cycle!  Future payments of $97 will be charged monthly.

What are the dates, times and location for the live sessions?

A list of the dates and times for the live sessions will be provided to you quarterly.  But don't worry if you can't join live all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the portal within 24 hours.  All workshops and Q&A sessions will take place on Zoom.

When is content released and how do I access it?

New cycle content is released approximately three days prior to the cycle start date.  Example:  Pisces cycle begins on March 2, 2022 - content will be released on or around February 26th.  But don't worry you will have a full schedule and emails to notify you when new content drops into your account in the online membership portal.

What is the cancellation policy?

I know you are going to get a lot of of this membership but in the event that you find it is not right for you we have a 7 day money back guarantee (7 days from date of the first content drop for Founding Members) and you can cancel any time prior to the next cycle fee processing date if you find the membership is no longer meeting your needs by sending an email to support@heartmindenergy.com

Your Host
Sheri Moise

I'm Sheri Moise - Intuitive Business Mentor.  I'm passionate about helping Heart Powered entrepreneurs find THEIR UNIQUE way to build and grow their business.

I believe the two most powerful GPS systems for uncovering and staying true to your unique wiring and design are...

Your Heartmind (that beautiful brain in your heart) and Astrology.

With the information and guidance they provide you can stay true to YOU and continually grow a thriving business where you are nourished and supported.

The AstroBiz Connection Membership has been designed to keep you connected to both of those GPS systems as well as provide you with solid business strategy that works with YOUR unique wiring and design.  Because there is not ONE WAY there is just YOUR WAY. 

I invite you to join us for some AstroBiz magic and fun!!!

Step into possibility

You are just one step away from having the insight and support you need to grow your business!!!

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