End the Overwhelm of the Never Ending To Do List!

Discover:   How to revolutionize the way you approach your To Do List.

So that you are empowered, inspired, and aligned to do the things that matter and ditch or delegate the rest!

What you’ll discover in this workshop:

  • Why all those tactics you learned are draining your time, energy and bank account and what you should be focused on instead.
  • How to create more time and space for what truly matters for you and your business.  Plus what WILL move the meter.
  • Learn how to create an “Empowered To Do List” by harnessing the “power of time” with a simple daily practice that will having you feeling spacious and supported (not to mention successful!).

Your Host:

Sheri Moise

Heart Powered Business Mentor

Heart Powered Business Mentor Sheri Moise supports Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Alternative Practitioners in attracting more clients and ensuring that their business is both emotionally and financially sustainable WITHOUT having to sacrifice more of their time, energy or sanity to do it.

Success without sacrifice - because YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL... a thriving business and a nourished and happy you.  

Too many spiritual entrepreneurs are exhausted, overwhelmed and on the brink of giving up.  Sheri is committed to ensuring that you know there is another way.  Let's get you Heart Powered so that you can create the results, impact and income you are meant to!

Stop the madness of a never ending to do list!

This workshop will change the way you take action while amplifing your results!

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