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Live Workshops to support your marketing efforts and ensuring that you are thriving too!
Live Q&A + Intuitive Support
Get your questions answered and the clarity you need to take aligned action - YOUR WAY!
Cosmos Energy Report for the Cycle.  With this information you will have the inspiration and guidance you need to create a plan and content that feels good and connects with your soul clients. 
New & Full Moon Activations
The best way to stay in alignment is to check in with yourself.  These guidebooks and activations will support you in taking that intentional pause to keep your business and life on track!
A community of heart powered entrepreneurs like you!
Entrepreneurship can feel lonely but it doesn't have to when you surround yourself with like minded folks on a similar journey.
While we would hate to see you go.  If the Lab isn't serving you just let us know and we will cancel subscription.  

"The excellent mixture of external, astrological information, with my now enhanced knowingness of internal truth, has been incredibly validating and supportive both personally and professionally"

Patricia Marie Hūband

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