Tired of feeling confused and unclear about how to package your services and offers to create the most interest from potential clients?

Create your UNIQUELY YOU offer

Fill your calendar with amazing clients in 2021!

Join us :  Thursday December 17th at 11AM PST  

Attend LIVE & stay til the end and the $47 registration fee will be refunded!

PLUS:  Everyone who registers will receive a no cost

1:1 Offer Review Session (Value $250)

Sheri will review your offer and help you determine the best next steps.

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What you’ll create in this workshop:

  • The WHO, the WHAT, the HOW and the PRICE for your Uniquely You offer.
  • Clarity on the ideal client you want to serve with this offer and why they will benefit.
  • A clear understanding of exactly what the promise of your offer is so that you will be ready to write and share compelling copy.
  • The time frame for your offer that creates the best results for both you AND your client
  • A decision on a price that feels aligned AND a phenomenal value based on the transformation your client will receive!
  • Inspiration to take action and share your unique offer with those you are meant to serve!

Your Host:

Sheri Moise

Heart Powered Business Mentor

Heart Powered Business Mentor Sheri Moise supports Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Alternative Practitioners in attracting more clients and ensuring that their business is both emotionally and financially sustainable WITHOUT having to sacrifice more of their time, energy or sanity to do it.

Success without sacrifice - because YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL... a thriving business and a nourished and happy you.  

Too many spiritual entrepreneurs are exhausted, overwhelmed and on the brink of giving up.  Sheri is committed to ensuring that you know there is another way.  Let's get you Heart Powered so that you can create the results, impact and income you are meant to!

Step into 2021 ready to WOW your potential clients

This workshop will help you to create a compelling offer that will entice your potential clients and excite you too!

The best $47 you will spend this year!

And when you attend live you get it back!!!  

Can't beat that :)

Join us:

Thursday December 17th @ 11AM PST

Spots limited - grab yours and the bonus 1:1 session NOW

[wpecpp 'Offer Creation Workshop' price ='47.00']

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