Spring 2023 - Planning with the Cosmos Workshop

Map out your next 90+ days of offers AND a marketing plan you are excited to implement!

With the guidance of the Cosmos in hand we will map out your Spring quarter 2023 and ensure you have a plan that supports you in connecting with more soul clients WITHOUT overwhelm!

Planning out the timing of your offers, marketing, and content doesn't need to be overwhelming. During this 2 hour session you will create your own roadmap by discovering:

Key Dates - ones to lean into and ones to avoid for more ease and better results

Timing is everything!  Choosing the right dates based on the collective energies (and your personal energies) will allow you to connect more easily with those potential soul clients. There are ones you will want to lean into and circle with a big red heart and ones you will want to avoid. We've got another Mercury Rx cycle coming right at the end of April - but no need to fear I'll share with you how to leverage what typically is considered a challenging time with tech snafus etc with ease.

Cycle Themes - that will inform timing & inspire your offers and content

Working with cycle themes will inform and inspire your offers and content creation.  

I will be sharing the exact themes that will be in play both on a business level as well as a personal level for the next 90-120 days. 

Collective Energies -  know what your potential clients will be desiring & more!

Learn what desires, state of mind, and type of actions your potential soul clients are likely to be experiencing during each cycle.  

This is like getting into your clients head and heart.



Big picture overviews... So helpful!

My biggest takeaway is getting the big picture overviews of the energies of each cycle and then overlaying it with the energies of the personal planets to get super clear on how to plan for this season. So helpful!


So inspiring and supportive!

My biggest take away: the 30,000’ view of looking at my months/quarter to come and being able to see where I can fit action/products/offers/my efforts PLUS I know of "themes" and flavors to lean into during particular times - so inspiring and supportive!

Get inspired and get planning!

Workshop includes BONUS Guidebooks and Downloadable Worksheets to simplify your planning.


Practical and helpful

Well organized, beautiful, easy to follow, practical, and helpful!!! 

Meet Sheri Your Guide

Sheri is an Intuitive Business Alchemist.  She is passionate about helping Heart Powered entrepreneurs find and honor THEIR UNIQUE way to build and grow their business while ensuring they are personally thriving as well.

After investing tens of thousands of dollars on courses, programs and coaching, Sheri finally realized that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. The only way that will truly work for you, is your way.

Sheri brings her decades of experience in sales and marketing, plus her gift of sight and knowing into the containers she provides for her clients to assist them in moving toward their visions for their business and life.

 She lives by the motto - "All it takes is a little heart power".