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The live portion of this event has ended but please enjoy these interviews from the Fall 2021 Series.

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DAY ONE - Session One

Sheri Moise

The Path to Your Soul Clients

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In this session Sheri shares:

  • Learn how to connect with your inner compass and how this GPS system can guide you to the success you desire in your business
  • Discover how being embodied and following your heart mind can lead you to connecting with your soul clients
  • Why formulas and cookie cutter strategies won’t work and what to do instead

ABOUT Sheri Moise:

Sheri Moise is an Intuitive Business Mentor, Success Coach, Theta Healer and founder of Heartmind Mentoring & Training.
She combines the best of science and spirituality so that you can grow and scale your business sustainably. She shows you how to take your road and do it YOUR unique way so that you don’t spend years (and a ton of money) frustrated and struggling to connect with your soul clients and build a business you love.

Which means designing your business around your unique wiring – your Heartmind Design ‐ which is where YOU thrive and things flow. Sheri is fiercely committed to supporting Spiritual Entrepreneurs, to feel empowered to make the difference you want to make in the world.

Your clients need you. The world needs you.

Let’s get you connected to your Heartmind Design so that you can create the results, impact and abundance you are meant to.


Moderated by:

Jenna Monaco

Join 8 Summit Experts & Jenna

In this special Bonus FB LIVE PANEL DISCUSSION:

  • Have an opportunity to tune in with these speakers to hear more about how they have navigated building their businesses authentically and what they wish they had known so much sooner!
  • Learn more about what these experts say it takes to attract soul clients without wearing yourself out with a ton of tactics that can have you spinning in circles.
  • Discover the advise they would have given themselves just starting out and what they are leaning into now in their business.

ABOUT our Moderator Jenna Monaco:

Jenna is an intuitive and medium, modern mystic, writer and host of the Spark Intention Podcast. She’s been certified as a stress coach, meditation and mindfulness teacher, breathwork, and embodiment facilitator and uses this knowledge as the foundation for her work.

Now she has dedicated her life to working with women who hear the calling to embody their intuition and take their sacred life to the next level.