Heart Powered Results MicroSummit
Spring Series 2021 

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Danielle Marggraf

You Are the Beacon

In this session Danielle shares:

  • How sharing “the stuff that doesn’t belong in business” can make all the difference
  • Why knowing where you are in business is key to your success
  • What the “beacon” is in our business that will draw in your ideal clients

ABOUT Danielle Marggraf :

Danielle Marggraf is a Mindset and Manifesting Expert and Coach, Modern Day Healer and a Spiritual Teacher on Wealth Consciousness using the Universal Laws. She is the author of “Sacred Sh*t: How to Embrace Your Messy Humanity and Tap Into The Limitless Power of Your Soul” which will be out Spring 2021. She is a writer for Best Holistic Magazine and is the cover girl for their Power Of Manifestation issue out May 2021.

Danielle is a sought after speaker for organizations who want to bring Soul back into Sales. She is a single mom to her daughter and son and you will most often find her at the beach, paddle boarding or in her local bookstore. 


Linda Berger

Akashic Guidance and Receiving

In this interview Linda shares:

  • How the Akashic Records can provide guidance for your business
  • What you need to have in place to keep the energy flowing between you and your business
  • Why it’s important to get “triggered” and how it serves us

ABOUT Linda Berger:

Coach Linda Berger, the owner of Business Women Warriors a Small Business Coaching specializing in my 90 day proprietary programs and an International Akashic Records Teacher and Consultant with Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. My work in the world blends practical and effective business fundamentals with the wisdom the Soul of the business offers each business owner.

I take the woowoo out of the spiritual language by helping you create strategic plans in marketing, sales, and growth with tools to create a thriving business doing what you were meant to do thus allowing the business to uphold its contracts in the world it was created to do.


Jen Gilchrist

Soul Aligned for Success

In this interview Jen shares:

  • The one thing that needs to be aligned ensure your success
  • How you keep fear in the equation and take action anyway in your business and feel good about it
  • What Divinity in Action truly means and how to step into it

ABOUT Jen Gilchrist:

Jen Gilchrist, Speaker +  Soul Alignment and Success Mentor

An Entrepreneur for 20 years and a Spiritual Mentor for 10 years Jen Gilchrist has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. She works with “Highly Sensitive” and Spiritual Entrepreneurs on a deep level, helping them to reclaim the confidence, trust, and tools needed to harness  their intuition, align with their purpose and step into their next level of leadership in their business and life, so they make a bigger impact in the world while experiencing new levels of freedom of time, energy and money in their purpose driven business.

She considers being a mother to her beautiful and talented daughter her greatest joy and accomplishment. Her favorite personal pleasure is to swim with the wild dolphin pods in Kona, Hawaii. Jen has been on close to 40 different dolphins swims with hundreds of dolphins and says that it is both a playful and spiritual experience and that she  has learned and transformed herself through these experiences exponentially.


Sandra Camacho Schur

The Power of the Auric Field

In this interview Sandra shares:

  • How your Auric field holds the answers to the clarity you need in your business
  • What can keep you from attracting ideal clients and how to use the Auric field to identify it
  • The one thing that will create the biggest shift in your business

ABOUT Dr. Sandra Camacho Schur:

Dr. Sandra Camacho Schur helps women entrepreneurs align with their purpose and break through to new levels of success and fulfillment in their businesses.  Her skill of viewing, reading, and clearing the human aura helps her clients release deeply held cultural programming and break through to new levels of ease, freedom and creativity in their businesses.  She has worked with 100's of clients from all over the world and lives in San Francisco California.

 Mom to three human and five fur kids, she lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa where she loves dancing, drinking tea, playing with horses and spending time with her family outdoors.


Randi Lee

Let Your Design Guide You

In this interview Randi shares:

  • The secrets your Human Design holds that can make a huge impact on your business
  • Why you need to follow the path no one else has travelled
  • How you can tune into your inner authority and allow that to guide you in your business and life

ABOUT Randi Lee:

Randi Lee is a Human Design and Gene Keys business coach, public speaker, and the host of the Uplifting Podcast.  Her mission is to help women uncover their naked truth- the real you when you strip down all the conditioning and limiting beliefs around who you should be, and step into alignment with your authentic self. Through incorporating Human Design and Gene Keys, Randi helps her clients go from people-pleasing, burnt out, and living a dual life to liberating their true self so they can stand out amongst the crowd and attract soulmate clients with ease. She believes that you have a unique genius that is waiting to be unlocked so you can step into your soul's purpose and it is her mission to support you on that journey.


Renee Garcia

Goals and Doors

In this interview Renee shares:

  • What Realty Transurfing can teach you about creating more of what you desire
  • How your environment is being impacted by your energy and effecting your results
  • A simple way to get more done and reach your goals faster

ABOUT Renee Garcia:

Renee Garcia is a lifelong entrepreneur, Certified Reality Transurfing instructor, and an Alternatives Space adventurer - endorsed by Vadim Zeland, former Russian quantum physicist and the author/creator of Reality Transurfing. 

Having ventured deeply into the metaphysical world of Reality Creation, she has transformed personal failure into success, poverty into abundance, sickness into healing, and a bleak perspective into one brimming with joy and magic. Renée has employed Reality Transurfing to discover fulfillment, true purpose in her life, and connect with the highest version of herself. With a self-built, practical methodology and magical wand in hand, she is now empowering others around the world to do so the same. 

Her motto is, “Knowledge without application is merely entertainment.” 

With a rapidly growing following of fellow “Transurfers” at her side, Renée brings to light the works of Vadim Zeland at home and worldwide. She has developed the only English language Reality Transurfing instructional program officially approved by Zeland. This training serves as the backbone for The International Transurfing Institute, which she founded in 2016.


Sheri Moise

Unlocking the power of your Heartmind Design

In this interview Sheri shares:

  • Why Sheri calls this the “anti-marketing” summit (and it isn’t because you don’t need to market yourself)
  • The truth about owning and understanding your uniqueness and how it impacts your ability to attract those soul clients
  • How learning to unlock your unique Heartmind Design is the key to designing a successful business that you love

ABOUT Sheri Moise:

Sheri Moise is an Intuitive Business Mentor, Success Coach, Theta Healer and founder of Heartmind Mentoring & Training.
She combines the best of science and spirituality so that you can grow and scale your business sustainably. She shows you how to take your road and do it YOUR unique way so that you don’t spend years (and a ton of money) frustrated and struggling to connect with your soul clients and build a business you love.

Which means designing your business around your unique wiring – your Heartmind Design ‐ which is where YOU thrive and things flow. Sheri is fiercely committed to supporting Spiritual Entrepreneurs, to feel empowered to make the difference you want to make in the world.

Your clients need you. The world needs you.

Let’s get you connected to your Heartmind Design so that you can create the results, impact and abundance you are meant to.


Denise Elizabeth Byron

The Power of Astrology in Business

In this special Bonus FB LIVE Denise shares:

  • How your astrology can assist in identifying the best path for visibility for you in your business. 
  • Why your Astrological Birth Chart is a treasure trove of information designed to help you navigate your life and your business.
  • What AstroVisibility is and how it can offer you insights into the most authentic path for showing up and shining with your unique wisdom.

ABOUT Denise Elizabeth Byron:

With over 40 years of experience, Denise Elizabeth Byron creates opportunities for her clients to embrace their innate power and wisdom with compassion and confidence.

Using multi-faceted customized approaches such as astrological charts, Denise teaches and encourages her clients to access their own magic.

As a mentor, she encourages clients to learn from and release past experiences and then celebrate their full aliveness – unabashedly.

As a Visionary Strategist, she offers unique guidance that helps soulful entrepreneurs achieve greater fulfillment and success with their creative endeavors.

As a teacher of teachers and leaders, she customizes her trainings to support those who are Wisdom Keepers & Leaders of a Soulful, Creative & Conscious Future.

“I believe that authenticity and confidence are the keys that unlock success, connection, and pleasure.”


Moderated by:


Join 5 of the Summit Speakers & Jenna

In this special Bonus FB LIVE PANEL DISCUSSION:

  • Have an opportunity to tune in with these speakers to hear more about how they have navigated building their businesses authentically and what they wish they had known so much sooner!
  • Learn more about what these experts say it takes to attract soul clients without wearing yourself out with a ton of tactics that can have you spinning in circles.
  • Have burning questions about marketing that you need answers to?  Bring them to this session and get some great advice!

ABOUT our Moderator Jenna Monaco:

Jenna is an intuitive and medium, modern mystic, writer and host of the Spark Intention Podcast. She’s been certified as a stress coach, meditation and mindfulness teacher, breathwork, and embodiment facilitator and uses this knowledge as the foundation for her work.

Now she has dedicated her life to working with womxn who hear the calling to embody their intuition and take their sacred life to the next level.